ACC [PC] 2022 GTWC Season 1 - Round 9 [Imola - 120min] Enduro

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    RaceOnOz ACC Monday Night League - 2022 Season 1
    Admin team: @krunch, @nanlatt, @CornfordCaster

    Round 9 - Imola
    4th April 2022 at 7:30PM AEST
    (AEST - click for time zone info)


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    • Redressing is a thing - It's important to redress when you have caused another car to lose position. More info here
    • Start Formation - The Kunos start system isn't perfect and still allows cars to be a fair way out of place by the time the lights go green so we will continue to review starts as a matter of procedure. We will issue warnings or penalties to drivers that we believe are gaining an unfair advantage or causing a disadvantage to other drivers by being out of position.
      • Please respect other drivers and stay in your grid position
      • Do not stay 'ghosted' within any other car especially in the final phase of the formation lap
      • It is not acceptable to take another car's position before the start
      • If ACC fails to give a penalty for being out of position then the Admin team will issue a post race penalty
      • Driver's need to be side by side with their row partner and must maintain a reasonable gap to the cars ahead prior to the lights going green
      • Drivers should stop all weaving and brake warming as soon as the double file segment begins
      • Penalties WILL NOT BE CLEARED even if it seems to be a glitch - just take more care!
    • Avoiding pre-start and Lap 1 Carnage! - Take extra care as the lights go green as all cars will be in a tight, accelerating pack:
      • Expect cars to be much closer to you and varying in speed due to all the others around so try to leave a tad more space.
      • Assume there are cars in your blind spots and on the other side of visible cars until the pack spreads out more.
      • In braking zones you must brake SIGNIFICANTLY earlier than you would in general racing.
      • Avoid sudden direction changes unless you are sure you are well clear.
      • If on a straight section don't drift - stay straight.
      • Approach each situation with caution but execute your driving with intelligence.
      • If you need to redress in this tight pack situation keep going until you can move out of the traffic safely before slowing down
    • Optional use of indicators - Should drivers wish to use indicators to assist with managing lapped traffic, they are to be used as they are used on the road - i.e. you should indicate which way you are going - if you indicate left, you go left. REMEMBER TO TURN THEM OFF AGAIN.
    • All drivers should read the "Rooz Etiquette guide' and "Rules & Regs" linked below before the start of the event.
    Race Server Name: [ROOZ] 01 | Monday Night League | 2022 Season 1 - Round 9 | Imola (120min)
    Server Password: mnlseason1

    • This server is available for practice in the week prior to Monday's race.
    • The server will reset for official practice at 7:30pm (AEST) on Monday night.
    • The server has a locked entry list and will only allow those who have signed up for the season to join it.
    • All sessions are open for joining.
    • The server won't show in the multiplayer lobby so you will need to search for "raceonoz" or "rooz".
    Practice/Hotlap Server Name: [ROOZ] 04 | Practice/Hotlap | Imola
    Server Password: mushroomteapotrock

    • This server is available for practice in the week prior to Monday's race, it will be set to static weather conditions.

    This an ENDURANCE round
    • Sessions:
      • Practice, 45 minutes (in-game Friday 3pm) - OPEN for joining
      • Qualifying, 15 minutes (in-game Saturday 3pm) - OPEN for joining
      • Race, 120 minutes (in-game Sunday 1pm) - OPEN for joining
    • Weather: "ambientTemp": 28, "cloudLevel": 0.15, "rain": 0.2, "weatherRandomness": 3
    • Pitstop Rules:
      • Tyres Mandatory (No tyre set restrictions)
      • Refuelling is Mandatory (Fill time not fixed)
      • 70 Minute Maximum Stint Limit
      • No Pit Window
    • Full formation lap with UI gizmo and car ghosting on. Getting too far out of position can result in being auto-sent to the pits for the start.
    • Server time scale multiplier set at 2x for the race this round.
    (Weather and session settings may be changed at any time at the admins discretion)

    This is a fixed car per driver event. Whichever car you select on SimGrid Event when signing up will be your choice during the event, changes to car choice can only be made before the deadline outlined on the SimGrid Event.


    All important information for racing is available on our forums, however we strongly advise drivers to join our Discord server for for voice and text chat. Sometimes critical information such as server issues, race delays, last minute race format changes, instructions to a specific driver, etc. will be relayed only through the Discord voice channel and text chat. There is also a healthy dose of banter that just makes the round more fun :). Once you sign up for any Season at Rooz you'll be given extra Discord permissions for text chat.

    Discord voice chat rules and etiquette:
    • if you intend to chat you MUST use push-to-talk. No-one wants to hear your gear clicks, heavy breathing or barking dog in the background.
    • non-excessive chat and banter is OK in Practice sessions.
    • There should be minimal chat in Qualifying sessions - essential questions, statements, apologies etc. only.
    • There should be minimal chat in Race sessions - essential questions, statements, apologies etc. only.
    • If you become frustrated or angry at yourself or another driver please do not push your talk button. Keep it private!
    • Please do not conduct arguments over voice chat. Sort it out later!
    • Abuse will not be tolerated. There's no place for that stuff at Rooz!
    • Please wait until ALL drivers have completed the final lap of a race before discussing your race.
    • Admins may speak at any time in any session for obvious reasons.
    • Feel free to hang around in chat after the race. Many of us like to have a laugh about things that may have happened in the race and it can be a nice wind-down :)

    The recent v1.8 update has changed the way in which custom liveries are implemented enabling us to re-enable their use in our league. In short, ACC now creates .dds files which are preload the into memory thus reducing or eliminating the serious join lag I'm sure we've all experienced in the past.

    Livery submissions are currently closed but may be opened at the mid point of the season for a second round of submission or updates.

    This short video linked below contains pretty much everything you need to know about sharing custom liveries and it is strongly recommended viewing.

    Download League Custom Liveries
    Liveries that have been submitted can be downloaded using the onedrive link below.

    Thanks for racing at RaceOnOz
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  2. CornfordCaster

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    New Schedule:
    7:30pm AEST - Free Practice
    8:15pm AEST - Qualifying
    8:30pm AEST - Race (120 Minutes)
  3. krunch

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    I always enjoy Imola. Even the prospect of 2 hours there didn't worry me. It was also a perfect way to try out my new vid card and see if the huge expense was somewhat justified.

    It was! :D Even after dropping 7 positions on lap 1 on a track notorious for a lack of overtaking opportunities I was enjoying it. The drivers I was battling with were racing really well and I had to work hard for each pass. After 2 hours I actually felt less drained than any previous long race so maybe the clearer and faster visuals helped.

    I felt I had enough pace to maybe graze the top 10 with some luck. I qualified 15th with a PB so I was fine with that. Unfortunately on the first lap I undid that decent qualy at Tosa (T7). Battling with @Mael I tried to hold tight on the inside line but I understeered at low speed into his door. I half spun to the inside while he was able to carry on, but as I ended up on the grass it was a slow recovery and I lost 7 positions. Sorry about the tap Mael. At the time I wasn't sure if you'd given me enough room but later when I saw the replay it was clear you had. It was a shame as it robbed us of a tight battle that might have been race long! In the end I couldn't quite close down the gap but wasn't far away :) . I ended up 12th (P2 in Silver).

    Well done to all those drivers who made it through the 2 hours.
  4. Mael

    Mael Professional

    I were probably too conservative for those first few corners slowing too much in front of you. Carrying damage for 2 hours are just no fun so tried very hard to avoid any!

    For me was a pretty hectic race battling lots of people. With the Bentley was just not happy with my setup, fish-tailing out of every corner :(. it took a lot of concentration just to stay on the black stuff. Thus I fairly early on decided to go conservative, slow and steady. So slow in fact that Frost did not even notice me as he flew past. Had a battle with Art for a few laps, he is from now on to be known "Mr Iceman" Vandelay, pretty sure he does not feel any pressure.

    Then ran out of juice for the last 20 minutes, had to work hard to stay (just) ahead of @krunch and a fast 2-stopping Frosty.

    Onward to Barcelona and some toasted left front tires!!
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