ACC ANNOUNCEMENT: Console and PC Communities Combining

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Competizione PC Monday Night League' started by krunch, Nov 28, 2021.

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    Recently the Admins from both the PC and PS (console) ACC leagues have been working together on common goals, especially as the SimGrid partnership took shape. With the console league set to be split between PS4 and PS5 due to diverging ACC versions (indicated in this article) we would end up with 3 separate ACC leagues at RaceOnOZ.

    We realised it makes more sense to combine our communities and keep all the ACC drivers together under one banner - "RaceOnOz ACC". After all we are racing essentially the same game, and to a degree that already makes us one community. It will mean that the management of RaceOnOz ACC will be spread across all the Mods/Admins from both platforms. The Forums and Discord will adjust to be platform agnostic and in time we hope to align all league elements such as processes, rules, driver etiquette, protest procedures, broadcasts and so on. All of this will be done in consultation with all league members.

    Feel free to ask questions and share you own thoughts on this.